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The Foreign Police Volunteers (FPV) service was established in 2003 by the then Police Commissioner for the Cholburi Region via a request for suitable foreigners to assist in dealing with foreign residents or visitors. From just a handful of volunteers, the project has grown to a team of around 75 uniformed volunteer officers. Now at most Pattaya area main police stations you will find a help desk manned by FPV who offer advice or assistance to foreigners in their dealing with a police matter or problem. Many have years of Thailand experience, are trained for most situations that might arise and speak multiple languages collectively, as well as Thai.

Although an independent organisation, the service provided is overseen by the individual police station Superintendent - who may have specific needs suited to that station to which FPV tailor their services.

Overall, the service provided by FPV has been invaluable over the years to both the Royal Thai Police and to any foreigner in need of police assistance.


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Now recruiting long term visa holders residing in Pattaya, Thailand.